'confHFDIR'' ''''


Where to install the sendmail help file Build macro

The confHFDIR macro defines the location (directory) where the sendmail program's help file should be installed. The help file contains help for SMTP and -bt rule-testing commands. It is very unlikely that you will ever have to change this from the value that is predefined for you (usually /etc/mail). But if you do, you can do so like this:

define(`confHFDIR', `/admin/mail/etc')

If you redefine this directory, you must also redefine the HELP_FILE configuration macro (HelpFile) so that the correct path appears in your sendmail.cf file's HelpFile option.

    Part I: Build and Install
    Chapter 2. Build and Install sendmail
    Chapter 4. Configure sendmail.cf with m4
    Part II: Administration
    Part III: The Configuration File