'confLDOPTS'' ''''


Linker options Build macro

The confLDOPTS macro defines a list of operating system-specific linker options. Those options are listed with the LDOPTS= directive in Makefile. As distributed, the devtools/OS file, for your machine's architecture, predefines a list for you. For example, on SunOS machines the following is predefined:

define(`confLDOPTS', `-Bstatic')

This tells the linker to exclude dynamic library support for better security. If you wish to add linker options, use the APPENDDEF( ) directive to add them to the list (because other options probably already exist):


The linker option -s causes the executable file to be stripped of symbols, thus producing a somewhat smaller on-disk image. The example here shows one way to avoid having to remember to run install-strip with Build each time you install (confSTRIP).

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