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Extra .o files to be linked in all programs Build macro

The confOBJADD macro defines additional object files that need to be included in sendmail and the programs associated with it (such as praliases). It is very unlikely that you will ever have to change the value for it that is predefined in your devtools/OS file. An exception to this might occur if you need to replace a standard C-library function with one that is customized to satisfy some local need. For example, consider a replacement for the syslog(3) routine. First, place a copy of syslog.c in all the source directories. Then, add this line to your site file:

define(`confOBJADD', `syslog.o')

Note that the confOBJADD macro takes the .o form of the object filename, not the source filename.

If you forget to put a copy of the source in one of the directories, you will see this (or a similar) error at Build-time:

make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `syslog.o'

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