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Location of sendmail source Build macro

All the auxiliary programs that are supplied with sendmail (such as mail.local and praliases) need pieces of source from the sendmail source directory to compile. The location of that directory defaults to ../../sendmail.[23] Should you need to relocate that source tree (as you might, for example, if you wished to do extensive source modification in a new directory) you can redefine the source location with this confSRCDIR macro:

[23] Prior to V8.10 the default was ../../src.

define(`confSRCDIR', `../../newsendmail')

Note that confSRCDIR gives a value to the SRCDIR= Makefile directive, and that make is run inside an obj... directory, hence the ../../ prefixing newsendmail.

Should you need to relocate the sendmail source to a totally different disk or machine, you must define confSRCDIR as a full pathname:

define(`confSRCDIR', `/usr/local/devel/sendmail/custome1.5/src')

Be careful never to define confSRCDIR under a temporary mount point, such as tmp_mnt, because that mount point might not exist the next time you try to Build. And note that SRCDIR= is always the current directory for sendmail, so nothing special needs to be done to Build if you move the source.

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