''NOTUNIX'' '''


Exclude "From " line support tune with confENVDEF

Under Unix a file of many mail messages normally has one message separated from another by a blank line and then a line that begins with the five characters "From " (four letters and a space). On such systems, sendmail saves important information from such lines for later use.

On non-Unix machines (VMS or NT) the conventions are different, so you won't want sendmail to treat such lines as special. Similarly, if your Unix site has converted entirely away from this convention (with mhs or the like), you might not want this special treatment.

To disable special treatment of "From " lines, define the NOTUNIX compile-time macro in your Build m4 file:


Defining NOTUNIX causes the code for eatfrom( ) to be excluded from sendmail. The -d30.2 debugging switch can be used to watch eatfrom( ) and to determine whether NOTUNIX was declared when compiling sendmail.

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