''FEATURE(masquerade_envelope)'' '''


Masquerade the envelope as well as headers V8.7 and above

Ordinarily, masquerading (Section 4.4) affects only the headers of email messages, but sometimes it is also desirable to masquerade the envelope.[8] For example, error messages are often returned to the envelope-sender address. When many hosts are masquerading as a single host, it is often desirable to have all error messages delivered to that central masquerade host.

[8] See Section 1.5.4 for a description of the envelope and how it differs from headers.

The masquerade_envelope feature causes masquerading to include envelope addresses:

MASQUERADE_AS(`our.domain')     masquerade headers
FEATURE(`masquerade_envelope')  also masquerade the envelope

These mc lines cause all envelope addresses (where the host part is declared as part of class $=w; $=w) to be transformed into our.domain. See MASQUERADE_DOMAIN for a way to also masquerade other domains, and see the masquerade_entire_domain feature for a way to also masquerade all the hosts under other domains.

In general, masquerade_envelope is recommended for uniform or small sites. Large or variegated sites might prefer to tailor the envelope on a subdomain-by-subdomain or host-by-host basis.

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