Part II: Administration

Part II: Administration

The second part of this book covers the initial and day-to-day administration of sendmail. Of necessity, such administration must include some thorny issues, such as DNS and security, so we cover those subjects, too.

Chapter 6

Shows how to optimize the performance of sendmail.

Chapter 7

Explains the nature of spam and how to fight it.

Chapter 8

Shows how to use sendmail's interactive rule-testing mode.

Chapter 9

Shows how sendmail and the Domain Naming System interact.

Chapter 10

Shows many ways to avoid security problems.

Chapter 11

Describes the queue and shows how to process and print it.

Chapter 12

Describes the aliases(5) database, and shows how to write a program to perform delivery.

Chapter 13

Describes mailing lists and shows how to manage ~/.forward files.

Chapter 14

Explains syslog(3), statistics, and the -X command-line switch.

Chapter 15

Shows how to run sendmail with emphasis on its numerous command-line switches.

Chapter 16

Documents selected debugging switches available with sendmail.

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    Part II: Administration
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