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C line

Set controlling user V5.62 and above

To ensure secure handling of delivery, recipient addresses that are either a file or a program require that sendmail perform delivery as the owner of the file or program rather than as the user defined by the DefaultUser option (DefaultUser). A file address is one that begins with a / character. A program address is one that begins with a | character. Both characters are detected after quotation marks have been stripped from the address.

To prevent potential security violations, sendmail must take special precautions when addresses in the qf file result from reading a ~/.forward or :include: file. When such an address is to be placed into the qf file (whether as a recipient's address in an R line or as an error recipient's address in an E line), sendmail first places a C line (for Controlling user) into the file and then the recipient's address. The C line specifies the owner of the ~/.forward or :include: file:


Here, when sendmail later delivers to the recipients in this qf file, it first converts its user identity to that of the user george, then resets itself back to being root again. The same process repeats with the next recipient, except that sendmail changes from root to ben and back again. If there is no C line preceding an R line, the previous C line's value is carried down:

RPF:|/u/users/ben/bin/mailfilter      controlling user is george

The form of the C line in the qf file is

Cuser prior to V8 
Cuser:eaddr V8.1 through V8.7.5 
Cuser:uid:gid:eaddr V8.7.6 and above 

The C must begin the line and be immediately followed by user, with no intervening space. If no user follows the C, any prior controlling user is cleared and the identity that is used reverts to that specified by the DefaultUser option (DefaultUser). If present, the user is the login name of the owner of the ~/.forward or :include: file that yielded the address in the next following R or E line. If user is the name of a user who is unknown to the system, prior to V8.7.6 and prior to V8.8 the effect was the same as if it were missing. Beginning with V8.8 and V8.7.6, an unknown user causes the identity to become that of the uid and gid. Beginning with V8 sendmail, an optional eaddr might be last. If present, the eaddr gives the address to use for error messages.

There can be only one C line immediately preceding each R and E line. Two C lines in a row have the effect of the second superseding the first.

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