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E line

Send errors to V8.6 and earlier

Notification of errors often requires special handling by sendmail. When mail to a mailing list fails, for example, sendmail looks for the owner of that list. If it finds one, the owner, not the sender, receives notification of the error. To differentiate error notification addresses from ordinary sender and recipient addresses, pre-V8.7 sendmail stored error addresses separately in the qf file, one per E line. Beginning with V8.7, this E line is no longer used. Instead, sendmail uses the S line.

The form of the E line in the qf file looks like this:

Eaddr       V8.6 and earlier 

The E must begin the line. One or more addresses can be entered on that same line. Whitespace and commas can surround the individual addresses. Note, however, that sendmail places only a single address on each E line. There can be multiple E lines. Each is processed in turn.

Each line is fully processed as it is read. That is, the line is scanned for multiple addresses. Each address that is found is alias-expanded. Each resulting new address is processed by rule sets 3 and 0 to resolve a delivery agent for each.

If an alias expands to a program or a file (text that begins with a / or | character), that text is sent out in the delivered message's Errors-To: line in that form. This can cause confusion when the message is later processed and bounced at the receiving site.

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