''V line'' '''

V line

Version of the qf fileV8.7 and above

As sendmail evolves, it will continue to add new abilities to the qf file. To protect old versions of sendmail from wrongly misinterpreting new configuration files, the V line has been introduced. Note that prior to V8.7 sendmail there was no V line. The V line, and qf fileversion numbers for more modern implementations of sendmail, are shown in Table 11-8.

Table 11-8. qf file version numbers

qf version

sendmail versions


V8.7.5 and earlier


V8.7.6 through V8.9.3


V8.10 through V8.11


V8.10 through V8.11 with _FFR_QUEUEDELAY defined




V8.12 with _FFR_QUEUEDELAY defined

If the version found in a qf file is greater than that currently supported by sendmail, the following error will be printed if in verbose mode:

Version number in qf (bad) greater than max (max)  

and the following message will be logged:

Losing qf file unsupported queue file version

The bad qf file will then be turned into a Qf file (marked as lost).

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