'-d27.2'' ''''


Include file, self reference, error on home Debug command-line switch

The -d27.2 debugging switch causes each :include: and .forward filenames to be printed before each is opened for reading:


The -d27.2 debugging switch also causes additional information to be printed for the alias loop check described earlier:

        ... getpwnam(user)...found   if in passwd file 
        ... getpwnam(user)...failed  otherwise 

The -d27.2 debugging switch also causes sendmail to print a message every time it sleeps while waiting for the aliases database to be rebuilt:

aliaswait: sleeping for secs seconds

Also, when processing the ~/.forward file, sendmail might experience a temporary inability to read it (such as when an NFS server is down). In that case the -d27.2 debugging switch causes the following message to be printed:

forward: transient error on home

Here the message will be queued and tried again later.

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