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Trace header generation and skipping Debug command-line switch

Each header line created for the bounced message is displayed with two leading spaces. For example:

--- putheader, mailer = *file* ---
  Return-Path: you

Then certain headers are excluded from the bounced mail message header. Those with the H_CTE flag set (Section 25.6.5) and either the MCIF_CVT8TO7 or MCIF_INMIME mci flags set will have the text:

(skipped (content-transfer-encoding))

appended and that header will be skipped (excluded).

Any header that has both H_CHECK and H_ACHECK flags set and doesn't have identical delivery agent flags set for itself and its cached connection information will also be skipped:


All re-sent headers (those marked with H_RESENT) are also skipped:

(skipped (resent))

Return-receipt headers are also skipped:

(skipped (receipt))

If a Bcc: header (Bcc:) is being skipped, this is printed:

(skipped -- bcc)

Finally, valueless headers are also skipped with this message:

(skipped -- null value)

Any headers that survive this skipping process are included in the eventually delivered bounced message. Note that MIME headers are not generated or displayed here (§-d43).

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