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Version of the mc configuration mc configuration

When you are configuring with the mc technique, the version of the configuration file can be augmented by defining confCF_VERSION in your mc file:

define(`confCF_VERSION', `ver')dnl

This statement causes the value ver to be appended to the default value in $Z. A forward slash character will separate the two. The default value in $Z varies depending on your sendmail version. If your version were V8.12.7, the aforementioned m4 definition would yield the following macro definition:


$Z is generally used as part of the SmtpGreetingMessage ($e) option's declaration (SmtpGreetingMessage):

O SmtpGreetingMessage=$j Sendmail $v/$Z; $b

Note that this version is different from the version declared with the VERSIONID mc configuration macro (Section Also note that this is the configuration file version, not the version of the sendmail program as stored in $v.

Prior to V8 sendmail the configuration file version was stored in $V.

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