B.23 Chapter 23

Section 23.1

Beginning with V8.9, sendmail automatically determines whether NEWDB should be included by default.


The -D database-map switch prevents the database from being used if the delivery mode is defer (V8.10 and later).


The -T database mapswitch adds a suffix upon a temporary failure (V8.10 and later).


The arith database map performs math computations (V8.10 and later). The AND and OR bitwise operators, and the modulo operator, have been added to the arith database type (V8.12 and later).


The -S switch specifies the space substitution character (V8.10 and later).


The dns database map looks up information with DNS (V8.12 and later).


The -d switch sets the _res.retry interval, and the -r switch sets the _res.retries limit for the host database type (V8.12 and later).

ldap (was ldapx)

The ldapx database map was renamed ldap, and the ldap_routing feature was added (V8.10 and later).


The macro database map is used to store values into sendmail macros (V8.10 and later).


The nsd database map added support for Irix 6.5 name service database maps (V8.10 and later).


The ph database map performs CCSO Nameserver (ph) lookups (V8.10 and later).


The regex database map performs regular-expression lookups (V8.9 and later).


The syslog database map allows rule sets to log information (V8.10 and later).

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