B.3 Chapter 3

Section 3.1.1

The access database (V8.9 and later) is now preferred over tcpwrappers as a means to reject hosts.


The DATA_PROGRESS_TIMEOUT compile-time macro sets a fixed window of time for SMTP to conclude (V8.10 and later).


Many new maximums can be defined using compile-time macros (V8.12 and later).


The MILTER compile-time macro turns on support for the external filter (MILTER) API and the X configuration command (V8.12 and later).


The NETINET6 compile-time macro adds support for IPv6 addresses (V8.10 and later).


All of sendmail's files are now grounded in the /etc/mail/ directory (V8.10 and later). The _PATH_VENDOR_CF compile-time macro has been moved into the libsm library (V8.12 and later).


Redirecting email with a ph server required running the phquery program (V8.9 and earlier). A new database-map type called ph has been added that allows sendmail to perform direct ph queries (V8.10 and later).


QUEUE can no longer be undefined to eliminate queuing support (V8.12 and later).


Define SASL to enable AUTH support (V8.10 and later).


Many porting macros have been moved to libsm and now are prefixed with SM_ (V8.12 and later).


SMTP support is always included, and the SMTP compile-time macro is no longer available to undefine (V8.12 and later).


Turn off support for RSA by defining the TLS_NO_RSA compile-time macro (V8.12 and later).


Fork twice by defining the USE_DOUBLE_FORK compile-time macro (V8.12 and later).


Define the USE_ENVIRON compile-time macro if your version of Unix has access to an external pointer-variable called environ (V8.12 and later).


Define USING_NETSCAPE_LDAP to use Netscape's ldap libraries (V8.10 and later).

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