B.4 Chapter 4

Section 4.4.1

Previously, the user root was always in the class defined by the EXPOSED_USER configuration macro (V8.9 and earlier). That class is always empty unless you add usernames into it (V8.10 and later).

Section 4.4.5

It is now possible to omit selected hosts from masquerading by defining the MASQUERADE_EXCEPTION or MASQUERADE_EXCEPTION_FILE( ) configuration macros (V8.10 and later).


The accept_unqualified_senders feature causes sendmail to accept MAIL FROM: addresses that are not fully qualified (V8.9 and later).


The accept_unresolvable_domains feature causes sendmail to accept MAIL FROM: addresses that have host parts that cannot be looked up with DNS (V8.9 and later).


The authinfo feature defines how and where the default SMTP authentication information is stored (V8.12 and later).


The generics_entire_domain feature allows sendmail to match subdomains in the generics table (V8.10 and later).


The local_lmtp feature allows delivery by way of the mail.local program, using LMTP (V8.9 and later).


The local_no_masquerade feature allows you to suppress masquerading for local-to-local messages (V8.12 and above).


Two new arguments to the local_procmail feature allow you to specify custom A= and F= equate values (V8.10 and later).


The lookupdotdomain feature enables a secondary lookup of the domain parts, after looking up the host in the access database (V8.12 and later).


You can now list domains that you want canonified (even if you have enabled the nocanonify feature) by using CANONIFY_DOMAIN or CANONIFY_DOMAIN_FILE mc macros (V8.10 and later).


The nodns feature has been deprecated (V8.8 and earlier). The nodns feature has been eliminated, and now prints a warning (V8.9 and later).


The no_default_msa feature disables automatic listening on the MSA port 587 (V8.10 and later).


An extra argument to the nouucp feature specifies how to deal with UUCP mail (V8.10 and later).


The preserve_local_plus_detail feature causes plussed addresses to be retained for delivery (V8.12 and later).


The preserve_luser_host feature causes the recipient's host to be preserved when using LUSER_RELAY (V8.12 and later).


The name /etc/sendmail.cw is now /etc/mail/local-host-names for the use_cw_file feature (V8.10 and later).


The virtuser_entire_domain feature allows subdomains in the virtual user table to be matched. The VIRTUSER_DOMAIN and VIRTUSER_DOMAIN_FILE configuration macros were also added in support of this feature (V8.10 and later).

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