The delay_parameters directive determines the fill rate and capacity for each delay pools bucket. Following the pool number, you must write one, two, or three pairs of numbers. The number of pairs is the same as the pool's class. A class 1 pool takes one pair, a class 2 pool takes two pairs, and a class 3 pool takes three pairs.

Each pair of numbers specifies the fill rate and maximum bucket size. The fill rate should not be larger than the maximum size. The units are number of bytes. Thus, if you are thinking in terms of bits per second, you must divide by 8 to get bytes per second. For example, if you want to define a bucket that refills at a rate of 100 Kbits/sec, and holds no more than 300 Kbits (3 seconds) of traffic, you would write 12500/37500.


delay_parameters pool-number aggr-rate/aggr-max [ind-rate/ind-max [net-



No default


delay_parameters 2 16000/32000 4000/8000


delay_pools, delay_class, delay_access, delay_initial_bucket_level

    Appendix A. Config File Reference