TCP allows applications to close connections in one direction. That is, a client may close its connection for writing but keep it open for reading. These half-closed connections are confusing because Squid can't easily tell the difference between a client that intentionally closed half the connection and a client that simply aborted the entire connection. The only way Squid knows for sure is when its attempt to write some data returns an error. Most user-agents don't use the TCP half-close, but some may.

When the half_closed_clients directive is enabled (the default), Squid keeps these connections open until a write error (or some other error) occurs. When disabled, Squid fully closes the connection. Thus, if you disable this directive and have clients that use the TCP half-close, they can't receive any data from Squid.


half_closed_clients on|off


half_closed_clients on


half_closed_clients off


client_lifetime, read_timeout

    Appendix A. Config File Reference