This directive defines an upper limit on the number of file descriptors that Squid should open for reading and writing cache files on disk. It is relevant for only the ufs and aufs storage schemes. It is a relatively simple hack for measuring the level of Squid's disk activity. Experience shows that performance degrades significantly when Squid hits a filesystem bottleneck.

If Squid reaches this limit, it doesn't attempt to store subsequent cachable responses. Each time that happens, Squid increments the no.too_many_open_files counter (see Section Note that hitting this limit has a negative impact on your hit ratio. You can monitor the number of open disk files by requesting the info page from the cache manager (see Section

If you set this directive to 0, Squid doesn't place any limits on the number of open disk file descriptors.


max_open_disk_fds N


max_open_disk_fds 0


max_open_disk_fds 100

    Appendix A. Config File Reference