Squid uses the information in this file for FTP and Gopher requests. Unlike HTTP, these protocols don't inform clients about the type of data they transfer. When Squid gateways the response from an FTP server to an HTTP client, it must insert Content-Type and other headers. Squid uses the MIME table file to convert filename extensions into:

  • Values for the Content-Type header

  • Icons that are displayed for directory listings

  • Content-Encoding header values for compressed data

  • Transfer type options for FTP servers, either image or ascii; this corresponds to the TYPE command in the FTP protocol

Please refer to the sample mime.conf for an explanation of the format of this file.


mime_table pathname


mime_table $prefix/etc/mime.conf


mime_table /usr/local/squid/etc/my-mime-types.txt

    Appendix A. Config File Reference