Chapter 4. Configuration Guide for the Eager

After compiling and installing Squid, your next task is to delve into the configuration file. If you're new to Squid, you're likely to find it a bit overwhelming. The most recent version has approximately 200 configuration file directives and 2700 lines of comments. I certainly don't expect you to read about, and configure, every directive before starting Squid. This chapter can help you get Squid running quickly.

All the squid.conf directives have default values. You might be able to get Squid going without even touching the configuration file. However, I don't recommend trying that. You'll be much happier if you read the following sections first.

If you are really turned off by Squid's configuration file syntax, you might want to try the Webmin graphical user interface. It allows you to configure Squid (and numerous other programs) from your web browser. See and The Book of Webmin by Joe Cooper (No Starch Press) for more information.

    Appendix A. Config File Reference