4.7 Adding More Zones

Now that you have your name servers running, you might want to handle more zones. What needs to be done? Nothing special, really. Just use the DNS console to select the appropriate server in the left pane, then choose Action New Zone. Follow the instructions earlier in this chapter according to whether you are creating a primary or a secondary zone.

At this point, it's useful to repeat something we said in an earlier chapter. Calling a given name server a primary master name server or secondary name server is a little silly. Name servers can be authoritative for more than one zone (and almost always are). A name server can be a primary master for one zone and a secondary for another. Most name servers, however, are either primary masters for most of the zones they load or secondaries for most of the zones they load. So if we call a particular name server a primary master or a secondary, we mean that it's the primary master or a secondary for most of the zones it loads.