4.6 Graphical Editors

Working with command-line tools and LDIF files is constructive, but certainly not convenient. There are a number of graphical editors and browsers for LDAP that make it easier to see what you're doing. I won't discuss any of these in detail, but I'll give you some pointers to some tools that are worth looking at:

GQ (http://biot.com/gq/)

GQ is a GTK+-based LDAPv3 client capable of browsing the subSchema entry on LDAPv3 servers. It is distributed under the GNU GPL and includes features such as:

  • Support for browsing or searching LDAP servers

  • Support for editing and deleting directory entries

  • Support for creating template entries based on existing ones

  • Support for exporting subtrees or an entire directory to an LDIF file

  • Support for multiple server profiles

  • SASL authentication

Java LDAP Browser/Editor (http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap/)

This is an editor written in Java using the JNDI class libraries. It supports:

  • LDAPv2 and v3 servers, including SSL connections

  • Editing attribute values

  • Searching for specific entries

  • Exporting and importing data using LDIF files

  • Creating template entries

  • Utilizing multiple server profiles

Softerra LDAP Browser (http://www.ldapbrowser.com/)

The Softerra LDAP Browser is a freely available, Win32-based browser and editor for Windows 98/NT/2000 clients. The browser has the following qualities:

  • Support for a familiar Windows Explorer-like interface

  • Support for LDAPv2 and v3

  • Support for SSL connections for v3 sessions

  • Support for multiple server profiles, similar to the GQ editor

  • Support for exporting entries and subtrees to an LDIF file