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FileMaker Pro 6 Developer’s Guide to XML/XSL, suitable for both PC and Macintosh users, is designed to help the FileMaker Pro developer understand what XML is and how to create XML documents for the purpose of facilitating data exchange. In FileMaker Pro 6, XML-formatted text can be imported into databases, XML documents, HTML files, and text files through the use of XSL stylesheets. XML can also be used to publish web databases with FileMaker Pro. Examples and exercises throughout the book provide hands-on experience on a variety of topics including Document Type Definitions (DTDs), XPath function similarities, and importing and exporting XML.

  • Learn about the basics of XML, including the advantages of using XML and how to create XML documents.
  • Find out how to import and export XML using FileMaker Pro 6.
  • Understand how Document Type Definitions (DTDs) relate to XML.
  • Learn how FileMaker Pro web publishes XML and how to design your databases for optimum web publishing.
  • Explore stylesheet transformation of XML with XSL and how browsers handle XSL.

About the Author

Beverly Voth is a professional FileMaker Pro consultant in London, Kentucky, who develops databases and web sites. She has written articles for a number of FileMaker Pro magazines and the FileMaker Pro web site. She is also a member of the FileMaker Solution Alliance and a frequent speaker at the annual FileMaker Pro Developer’s Conference.