List of Listings

List of Listings

Chapter 1: The Basics of XML

Listing 1.1: Example of Hypertext Markup Language
Listing 1.2: Example of XHTML
Listing 1.3: people.xml
Listing 1.4: greeting.xml
Listing 1.5: Properly nested markup tags in a document
Listing 1.6: XML documents with external DTD references
Listing 1.7: Example comments
Listing 1.8: Comments around table cell
Listing 1.9: Comment around table row
Listing 1.10: Single-line or multiple-line comments
Listing 1.11: Examples of elements with attributes
Listing 1.12: Example of mixed content
Listing 1.13: Markup for raw or unparsed data
Listing 1.14: Character data using predefined entities
Listing 1.15: The complete tree
Listing 1.16: Sample ASCII codes and character representation
Listing 1.17: URL with more information
Listing 1.18: Example URIs
Listing 1.19: people.xml
Listing 1.20: Example for XPointer references

Chapter 2: XML Import and Export with FileMaker Pro 6

Listing 2.1: Simple XML export with FMPDSORESULT
Listing 2.2: Simple XML export with FMPXMLRESULT
Listing 2.3: Sample double-byte XML export characters
Listing 2.4: ASCII characters 195 through 200
Listing 2.5: FMPXMLRESULT export of related fields
Listing 2.6: FMPDSORESULT export of related fields
Listing 2.7: FMPXMLRESULT export in FileMaker Pro 6
Listing 2.8: FMPDSORESULT export in FileMaker Pro 6
Listing 2.9: FMPXMLRESULT export of a repeating field
Listing 2.10: FMPDSORESULT export of a repeating field
Listing 2.11: Listing Printed export XML script
Listing 2.12: NameChange.xsl
Listing 2.13: ExportTransformed.xml
Listing 2.14: Sample XML with multiple levels
Listing 2.15: Calculated items XML and result
Listing 2.16: Calculated invoices XML and result
Listing 2.17: Troi-Coding encryption and decryption
Listing 2.18: Crypto Toolbox encryption and decryption

Chapter 3: Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

Listing 3.1: XML document with an internal DTD
Listing 3.2: XML document with external DTD
Listing 3.3: mydoc.xml
Listing 3.4: Element definition with children
Listing 3.5: people.xml
Listing 3.6: people.dtd
Listing 3.7: Elements with single attribute and default values
Listing 3.8: An element with multiple attributes and separate definitions
Listing 3.9: An element with multiple attributes and one definition
Listing 3.10: Attribute list for element IDs
Listing 3.11: Sample definitions for XSD plug-in

Chapter 4: FileMaker Pro XML Schema or Grammar Formats (DTDs)

Listing 4.1: Layout and field information results
Listing 4.2: Fields formatted on a layout
Listing 4.3: Value list FMPXMLLAYOUT results
Listing 4.4: FMPXMLLAYOUT Document Type Definition
Listing 4.5: Export FMPXMLRESULT fields
Listing 4.6: XML results from -format=-fmp_xml or export as FMPXMLRESULT
Listing 4.7: Metadata in the XML results
Listing 4.8: Resultset (rows and columns) of data
Listing 4.9: FMPXMLRESULT Document Type Definition
Listing 4.10: DSO results for records/rows
Listing 4.11: FMPDSORESULT Document Type Definition
Listing 4.12: Database Report.xml
Listing 4.13: Summary XML for the database report
Listing 4.14: Summary.xsl
Listing 4.15: DTD for summary XML report
Listing 4.16: Report XML for the Database Design Report
Listing 4.17: FieldCatalog elements
Listing 4.18: Field Reference elements
Listing 4.19: Value List Reference elements
Listing 4.20: Relationship Reference elements
Listing 4.21: Script Reference elements
Listing 4.22: Layout Reference elements
Listing 4.23: File Reference elements
Listing 4.24: Function Reference elements
Listing 4.25: RelationCatalog elements
Listing 4.26: ValueListCatalog elements
Listing 4.27: LayoutCatalog elements
Listing 4.28: Example report data
Listing 4.29: ScriptCatalog elements
Listing 4.30: Sample script data
Listing 4.31: Script steps for open script
Listing 4.32: External sub-script reference
Listing 4.33: PasswordCatalog elements

Chapter 5: XML and FileMaker Pro Web Publishing

Listing 5.1: Database and layout requests
Listing 5.2: New Record requests and result
Listing 5.3: Edit requests and result
Listing 5.4: Delete requests and results
Listing 5.5: Find Records requests and results
Listing 5.6: View Layout Information request and result
Listing 5.7: Request for database names and result
Listing 5.8: Request for layout names and result
Listing 5.9: Request for script names and result
Listing 5.10: Request for FMPDSORESULT
Listing 5.11: Request for FMPXMLRESULT
Listing 5.12: Request for FMPDSORESULT with DTD
Listing 5.13: DTD for FMPDSORESULT request
Listing 5.14: DTD for FMPXMLRESULT request
Listing 5.15: Request for FMPXMLLAYOUT and result
Listing 5.16: AND request with XML results
Listing 5.17: Scripted AND find for multiple fields
Listing 5.18: AND request using LOP with XML results
Listing 5.19: Scripted AND find for single field
Listing 5.20: OR request with XML results
Listing 5.21: Scripted OR finds
Listing 5.22: Creating an options request in HTML
Listing 5.23: The cost request
Listing 5.24: Sample login request
Listing 5.25: Giving the user a choice for -max
Listing 5.26: Result of adding a new related record
Listing 5.27: Result of editing a portal row
Listing 5.28: Sample default.htm
Listing 5.29: Sample redirect for default.htm
Listing 5.30: Request to a database in a frame page
Listing 5.31: index.html
Listing 5.32: Request to database using a form

Chapter 6: Using HTML and XHTML to Format Web Pages

Listing 6.1: META element examples
Listing 6.2: Grouping text
Listing 6.3: Quotations in the HTML document
Listing 6.4: Structured text elements
Listing 6.5: Preformatted text code and result
Listing 6.6: Unordered list
Listing 6.7: Ordered lists
Listing 6.8: Definition lists
Listing 6.9: Simple table
Listing 6.10: Text flow around a table
Listing 6.11: Table with header and footer
Listing 6.12: Table rows and columns with span
Listing 6.13: Nested tables
Listing 6.14: Anchor element
Listing 6.15: Image and object examples
Listing 6.16: Target attributes
Listing 6.17: Frameset with rows
Listing 6.18: Frameset with columns
Listing 6.19: Framesets with rows and columns
Listing 6.20: frame.html
Listing 6.21: A.html
Listing 6.22: B.html
Listing 6.23: CD1.html
Listing 6.24: CD2.html
Listing 6.25: C1.html
Listing 6.26: D1.html
Listing 6.27: C2.html
Listing 6.28: D2.html
Listing 6.29: Plain.html
Listing 6.30: Check boxes vs. radio buttons
Listing 6.31: SELECT and OPTION elements
Listing 6.32: Hidden INPUT type
Listing 6.33: Submit XML actions
Listing 6.34: New record requests
Listing 6.35: Duplicate records
Listing 6.36: Edit records
Listing 6.37: Delete records
Listing 6.38: Find records with AND logical operator
Listing 6.39: Find records with -recid, -findany, or -findall
Listing 6.40: View layout information request

Chapter 7: Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) and FileMaker Pro

Listing 7.1: HTML elements with namespaces
Listing 7.2: HTML elements without namespaces
Listing 7.3: Namespace usage
Listing 7.4: XML with embedded XSL
Listing 7.5: stripSpace.xsl
Listing 7.6: Conditional XSL
Listing 7.7: Creating a hyperlink with a field value
Listing 7.8: Displaying an image with path name field
Listing 7.9: Dynamic table
Listing 7.10: Value list in XML
Listing 7.11: XSL to use value list
Listing 7.12: HTML select list
Listing 7.13: XSL to create check boxes
Listing 7.14: Value list with found set
Listing 7.15: roll.css
Listing 7.16: CSSrollover.htm

Chapter 8: XSLT Examples for FileMaker Pro XML

Listing 8.1: transform1.xsl
Listing 8.2: transform2.xsl
Listing 8.3: transform2.txt
Listing 8.4: transform3.xsl
Listing 8.5: transform3.xml
Listing 8.6: transform4.xsl
Listing 8.7: transform4.xml
Listing 8.8: Create the FIELD elements
Listing 8.9: transform5a.xsl
Listing 8.10: transform5a.xml
Listing 8.11: transform5b.xsl
Listing 8.12: transform5b.xml
Listing 8.13: dso2html1.xsl
Listing 8.14: dso2html1.htm
Listing 8.15: dso2html2.xsl
Listing 8.16: dso2html2.htm
Listing 8.17: Map of columns
Listing 8.18: Sample text output
Listing 8.19: Define an ENTITY
Listing 8.20: Begin variable_fixed.xsl
Listing 8.21: Set up each column and default template
Listing 8.22: makeCol template
Listing 8.23: Test the padding character
Listing 8.24: makeCol template complete
Listing 8.25: textPad template
Listing 8.26: variable_fixed.xsl
Listing 8.27: customers.xml
Listing 8.28: customers.xsl
Listing 8.29: custOrders.xsl
Listing 8.30: custOrders.xml
Listing 8.31: OrdersCust.xml
Listing 8.32: OrdersCust.xsl
Listing 8.33: OrdersCustXML.xsl
Listing 8.34: OrdersCustHTML.htm
Listing 8.35: OrdersCustHTML.xsl
Listing 8.36: Orders.xml
Listing 8.37: Scripts
Listing 8.38: ImportItems.xsl
Listing 8.39: ImportOrders.xsl
Listing 8.40: ImportCustomers.xsl
Listing 8.31: export.xml