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    Chapter 1: Information Modeling with XML

    Chapter 2: Tamino?Software AG's Native XML Server

    Chapter 3: eXist Native XML Database

    Chapter 4: Embedded XML Databases

    Chapter 5: IBM XML-Enabled Data Management Product Architecture and Technology

    Chapter 6: Supporting XML in Oracle9i

    Chapter 7: XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2000

    Chapter 8: A Generic Architecture for Storing XML Documents in a Relational Database

    Chapter 9: An Object-Relational Approach to Building a High-Performance XML Repository

    Chapter 10: Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics

    Chapter 11: Case Studies of XML Used with IBM DB2 Universal Database

    Chapter 12: The Design and Implementation of an Engineering Data Management System Using XML and J2EE

    Chapter 13: Geographical Data Interchange Using XML-Enabled Technology within the GIDB System

    Chapter 14: Space Wide Web by Adapters in Distributed Systems Configuration from Reusable Components

    Chapter 15: XML as a Unifying Framework for Inductive Databases

    Chapter 16: Designing and Managing an XML Warehouse

    Chapter 17: XML Management System Benchmarks

    Chapter 18: The Michigan Benchmark: A Micro-Benchmark for XML Query Performance Diagnostics

    Chapter 19: A Comparison of Database Approaches for Storing XML Documents

    Chapter 20: Performance Analysis between an XML-Enabled Database and a Native XML Database


Part IV: Applications of XML