Chapter 4: Embedded XML Databases

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John Merrells is an expert in the fields of object-oriented software and application-specific database systems. He currently leads the Berkeley DB XML project at Sleepycat Software. Prior to Sleepycat, he was principal architect of a business service, helping companies to optimize their order-to-cash cycle time. He was responsible for defining the architectural platform for the business services and led a team building an XML database for financial document reconciliation. Previously John worked on three major releases of the LDAP Directory Server at Netscape and held a lead architectural role. He led the IETF LDUP Working Group defining the architecture for interoperable directory replication and has filed a number of patent applications in the area of directory architecture. He continues his work editing the Association of C and C++ Users, C++ Special Interest Group magazine, Overload. John received his formal education at Hertfordshire University and earned a B.S. in computer science with honors.

Michael Olson has been working in database technology for 17 years. He was a key contributor to the POSTGRES research project at the University of California at Berkeley and joined Illustra Information Technologies, the company formed to commercialize that research, in 1993. Illustra was the first company to offer a commercial object-relational database, based on the academic POSTGRES system. After the acquisition of Illustra by Informix, Michael managed the company's DataBlade development efforts to produce extensions to the core Informix database engine for commercial use. Michael was an early contributor to the Berkeley DB project. He is currently president and CEO of Sleepycat Software.


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