2.6 Full Database Functionality

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Tamino XML Server is made up of a complete database system. It supports all the features required for a database system, including multiuser operation, support for transactions, a powerful backup concept, mass load facilities, scalability, and performance.

Security is essential for a database system. The Tamino security concept consists of several components. For a secure transport of data to and from Tamino XML Server, SSL-secured communication can be used. In addition, Tamino can restrict the Web servers that are allowed to communicate to a dedicated database.

Access restrictions can be defined on collection level, on doctype level, and on element and attribute level. Hence, it is possible to allow access to only a specific part of a document for a certain user. For user authentication, Tamino can make use of the basic authentication facilities of Web servers or (starting after version 3) authenticate against its own user database or an external user database.


Part IV: Applications of XML