2.7 Conclusion

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Tamino XML Server provides the full functionality required in a modern database system that has been thoroughly designed for handling XML. XML documents are stored natively in Tamino's data store, not mapped to any other data model. Tamino XML Server supports an XML-specific query language, which includes text retrieval facilities. Dedicated indexing techniques accelerate the execution of queries. However, Tamino remains storage structure independent: The operations and queries accepted by Tamino do not depend on the existence of any indexing structure. Storage in Tamino XML Server provides high flexibility: Schemas are optional, may be declared as only partially describing the documents, or can fully describe document structures. Data can be completely or partially stored in Tamino, or data can be stored partially in another database system (Tamino X-Node), or in any other way using the Tamino X-Tension feature. A set of graphical tools facilitates Tamino application development.


Part IV: Applications of XML