11.4 Conclusion

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The case studies in this chapter have illustrated situations where a company or organization has embraced the technology combination of DB2 and XML to solve an immediate business problem. In one situation, the combination was used to make a company's internal business process more efficient for resolving issues for their customers. In the other situation, the combination made it easier for two separate organizations to work together and share the data they need to exchange more efficiently. Both case studies depict situations that are fairly commonplace and which can occur in any company. The combination of DB2 relational database technology and XML in these situations shows that it does not have to be reserved for complex business situations or high-technology industries. DB2 and XML technology can provide value in any part of a business's day-to-day operation, as well as be extended into unique uses, which then drive the development of new business processes for achieving the business's future goals.


Part IV: Applications of XML