14.5 Future Generation NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, Space Wide Web Research, and Boundaries

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An integrated research approach in the multiple disciplines of software reuse and distributed computer systems is needed to carry out this future research (Rine and Sonnemann 1998; Simon and Znati 2000; White 1995). In support of future human exploration and development of space, the research investigates future-generation software problems in complex application design and support systems through a new programming model. The research investigates current problems in leveraging adapters as a means to configure large-scale future distributed systems software from reusable architectures and components. Therefore, this research directly attacks current problems in the design and support of complex applications using a novel future development and runtime support environment, which we coin SWWACXML. This new environment will reduce complexity through a system's architectural layers from specified requirements of distributed components interactions and interconnections to the design and deployment of the supporting system architecture.


Part IV: Applications of XML