Hacks #1-10

Just because you can find XML in any nook and cranny you find software these days doesn't mean that everyone is an expert on the subject. That's why the hacks in this chapter were written: they are for readers who are just getting up to speed with XML. If that's you, read on; if that's not you, you can skip ahead to Chapter 2.

These hacks introduce you to the basics of XML: what an ordinary XML document looks like [Hack #1], how to display an XML document in a variety of browsers [Hack #2], how to style an XML document with CSS [Hack #3], how to use character and entity references [Hack #4], how to check an XML document for errors, both online [Hack #8] and on a command line [Hack #9], and how to run Java programs that process XML [Hack #10] .

All the files mentioned in this chapter are in the book's file archive, downloadable from http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/xmlhks/. These hacks assume that you have extracted this archive into a working directory where you can exercise the examples.