Chapter 2. Creating XML Documents

    Hacks #11-30

    Hack 11.  Edit XML Documents with <oXygen/>

    Hack 12.  Edit XML Documents with Emacs and nXML

    Hack 13.  Edit XML with Vim

    Hack 14.  Edit XML Documents with Microsoft Word 2003

    Hack 15.  Work with XML in Microsoft Excel 2003

    Hack 16.  Work with XML in Microsoft Access 2003

    Hack 17.  Convert Microsoft Office Files, Old or New, to XML

    Hack 18.  Create an XML Document from a Text File with xmlspy

    Hack 19.  Convert Text to XML with Uphill

    Hack 20.  Create Well-Formed XML with Minimal Manual Tagging Using an SGML Parser

    Hack 21.  Create an XML Document from a CSV File

    Hack 22.  Convert an HTML Document to XHTML with HTML Tidy

    Hack 23.  Transform Documents with XQuery

    Hack 24.  Execute an XQuery with Saxon

    Hack 25.  Include Text and Documents with Entities

    Hack 26.  Include External Documents with XInclude

    Hack 27.  Encode XML Documents

    Hack 28.  Explore XLink and XML

    Hack 29.  What's the Diff? Diff XML Documents

    Hack 30.  Look at XML Documents Through the Lens of the XML Information Set