Chapter 3. Transforming XML Documents

    Hacks #31-58

    Hack 31.  Understand the Anatomy of an XSLT Stylesheet

    Hack 32.  Transform an XML Document with a Command-Line Processor

    Hack 33.  Transform an XML Document Within a Graphical Editor

    Hack 34.  Analyze Nodes with TreeViewer

    Hack 35.  Explore a Document Tree with the xmllint Shell

    Hack 36.  View Documents as Tables Using Generic CSS or XSLT

    Hack 37.  Generate an XSLT Identity Stylesheet with Relaxer

    Hack 38.  Pretty-Print XML Using a Generic Identity Stylesheet and Xalan

    Hack 39.  Create a Text File from an XML Document

    Hack 40.  Convert Attributes to Elements and Elements to Attributes

    Hack 41.  Convert XML to CSV

    Hack 42.  Create and Process SpreadsheetML

    Hack 43.  Choose Your Output Format in XSLT

    Hack 44.  Transform Your iTunes Library File

    Hack 45.  Generate Multiple Output Documents with XSLT 2.0

    Hack 46.  Generate XML from MySQL

    Hack 47.  Generate PDF Documents from XML and CSS

    Hack 48.  Process XML Documents with XSL-FO and FOP

    Hack 49.  Process HTML with XSLT Using TagSoup

    Hack 50.  Build Results with Literal Result and Instruction Elements

    Hack 51.  Write Push and Pull Stylesheets

    Hack 52.  Perform Math with XSLT

    Hack 53.  Transform XML Documents with grep and sed

    Hack 54.  Generate SVG with XSLT

    Hack 55.  Dither Scatterplots with XSLT and SVG

    Hack 56.  Use Lookup Tables with XSLT to Translate FIPS Codes

    Hack 57.  Grouping in XSLT 1.0 and 2.0

    Hack 58.  Use EXSLT Extensions