Hacks #59-67

This collection of hacks discusses some of the most important XML vocabularies and the technologies that support them. First off, we introduce XML namespaces [Hack #59] and RDDL [Hack #60], which helps identify resources associated with a namespace. Next we create an XHTML 1.0 document [Hack #61] . This is followed by a brief exploration of DocBook [Hack #62] .

Next, we get a handle on SOAP [Hack #63] and some of its close relatives. Then it's on to a fun application of RDF called FOAF [Hack #64] . We talk about the OpenOffice file format [Hack #65], and end this foray with some experimentation with SVG [Hack #9] and XForms [Hack #67] .

Example files discussed in this chapter (and all chapters) are available at http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/xmlhks/.