Chapter 5. Defining XML Vocabularies with Schema Languages

    Hacks #68-79

    Hack 68.  Validate an XML Document with a DTD

    Hack 69.  Validate an XML Document with XML Schema

    Hack 70.  Validate Multiple Documents Against an XML Schema at Once

    Hack 71.  Check the Integrity of a W3C Schema

    Hack 72.  Validate an XML Document with RELAX NG

    Hack 73.  Create a DTD from an Instance

    Hack 74.  Create an XML Schema Document from an Instance or DTD

    Hack 75.  Create a RELAX NG Schema from an Instance

    Hack 76.  Convert a RELAX NG Schema to XML Schema

    Hack 77.  Use RELAX NG and Schematron Together to Validate Business Rules

    Hack 78.  Use RELAX NG to Generate DTD Customizations

    Hack 79.  Generate Instances Based on Schemas