Hacks #91-100

In this chapter, we present a handful of somewhat more advanced hacks, some of which require Java and C# programming experience. We start out learning how to use the Java build tool Ant as an XML pipeline [Hack #91] . Next, we get some help avoiding the amp explosion problem [Hack #92], then take a test flight with Cocoon [Hack #93], and then we move text from Wiki to SGML to XML [Hack #94] .

The remaining hacks deal with programming. First, we create well-formed XML with JavaScript [Hack #95] ; second, we use DOM with Java [Hack #7] and SAX in Java [Hack #97] ; third, we process XML with C# [Hack #98] ; we use several tools to generate Java and C# code based on an XML instance and a schema [Hack #99] . and generate XML with Genx [Hack #100].

All the example files mentioned in this chapter are available from the file archive, which is downloadable from http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/xmlhks/.