Thanks to Simon St.Laurent for giving me the opportunity to write this book and for being a sane voice in a crazy world. It was a privilege to write for O'Reilly again. Thanks are also due to Jeni Tennison and Jeff Maggard for their many helpful comments on the technical content of this book. I also want to thank all the contributors?Timothy Appnel, Tara Calishan, John Cowan, Leigh Dodds, Micah Dubinko, Bob DuCharme, Hans Fugal, Jason Hunter, Rick Jelliffe, Sean McGrath, Sean Nolan, Tom Passin, Dave Pawson, Dean Peters, Eddie Robertsson, Richard Rose, Michael Smith, and once again Simon St.Laurent?for making this book better than it would otherwise be. Finally, I want to thank Cristi?my wife of 25 years?for believing in and supporting me, no matter how difficult it may have been.