Chapter 12

"Do I Know This Already?"

2.A, B, C


1.The command is used to match criteria in establishing the policy-based routing. Access lists are used to specify the addressing of the packets to be affected.
2.Matching routes are modified with the set command. If the criteria are met in the match command and the action was to permit, the set criteria is initiated to control the routing as specified.
3.The match command determines whether the packet will be routed using the route map; the set command determines how the packet will be routed.
4.Within a route map, each route map statement is numbered with sequence numbers and, therefore, can be edited individually. The sequence number is also used to specify the order in which conditions are checked. Thus, if there are two statements in a route map named BESTEST, one with sequence 5 and the other with sequence 15, sequence 5 is checked first. If there is no match for the conditions in sequence 5, then sequence 15 will be checked.
5.A route map statement might contain multiple match statements. All match statements in the route map statement must be considered true for the route map statement to be considered matched. This is a logical AND.
6.When editing a route map statement with the no version of the existing command line, if you forget to type in the sequence number you will delete the entire route map.