Foundation Summary

The Foundation Summary provides a convenient review of many key concepts in this chapter. If you are already comfortable with the topics in this chapter, this summary might help you recall a few details. If you just read this chapter, this review should help solidify some key facts. If you are doing your final prep before the exam, the following lists and tables are a convenient way to review the day before the exam.

Table 10-10 summarizes the commands covered in this chapter.

Table 10-10. Summary of Commands
Router(config)#router isisStarts IS-IS on the router
Router(config-router)#net network-addressDefines the NET address
Router(config-router)#is-type level-1|level-2Defines the router as Level 1 or Level 2
Router(config-router)#summary-address address maskEnables you to summarize the networks manually
Router(config-if)#frame-relay map ip destination address DLCI broadcastMaps the Frame Relay DLCI to the destination IP address
Router#show clns neighbor detailDisplays information drawn from the neighbor table
Router#show clns interfaceDisplays information about IS-IS Hello and timers
Router#show isis databaseShows the link-state database
Router#show isis spf-logShows why and how often the SPF algorithm was recalculated

Table 10-11 shows the debug commands discussed in this chapter.

Table 10-11. The debug Commands for IS-IS
Command OptionDescription
debug isis adjacencies-packetsDisplays information on all adjacency-related activity.
debug isis spf-statisticsDisplays statistical information about building routes between routers. Using the statistical information provided, one can determine how long it takes to place a Level 1 IS or Level 2 IS on the shortest path tree (SPT) using the IS-IS protocol.
debug isis update-packetsDisplays SNPs (CSNPs and PSNPs) and LSPs that are detected by the router.