The following scenarios and questions are designed to draw together the content of the chapter and to exercise your understanding of the concepts. There is not necessarily a "right" answer. The thought process and practice in manipulating the concepts are the goals of this section. The answers to the scenario questions are found at the end of this chapter.

Scenario 11-1

A large hospital has several sites in the city. Although the sites connect to a centralized patient and administration database, the hospital has fought for local autonomy based on the specialization of the sites and the fact that each is its own business unit. An IT group manages the central administration and oversees the other sites. The chief information officer (CIO) who ran this group and the overall network has left because of political wrangling. The new CIO, recently appointed, is attempting to sort out the mess.

This new CIO has the agreement of the other hospital sites that there should be one routing protocol, as opposed to the four that are currently running. In turn, he has agreed to implement filtering to improve the network performance, grant some basic security, and indulge some turf wars.

The first step to creating a single routing protocol network is to redistribute the protocols so that the network can see all the available routes. Unfortunately, the routing protocols are aware of multiple path destinations. Therefore, the implementation must be done not only with consideration to preventing routing loops, but also with optimal path selection.

Figure 11-12 shows the network topology for the hospital.

Figure 11-12. Topology for the Scenario 11-1 Network

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Using Figure 11-12 as a reference, complete the following exercises.

1.Issue the configuration commands for the RIP network to be redistributed on Router A into EIGRP.
2.On Router A, ensure that the interfaces running EIGRP do not have RIP updates generated through them or that the RIP interfaces do not have EIGRP updates running through them.
3.The sites running EIGRP are running different autonomous system numbers. How would you implement a transition to both sites running EIGRP using the same autonomous system number?
4.The OSPF redistribution into RIP has been implemented, but users are complaining about delays. State the first step that you would take to verify the configuration.
5.The CIO has been asked to submit a transition plan to the board of trustees that includes a reasoned explanation for the need for redistribution. What should it look like?