The following scenarios and questions are designed to draw together the content of the chapter and to exercise your understanding of the concepts. There is not necessarily a right answer. The thought process and practice in manipulating the concepts are the goals of this section. The answers to the scenario questions are found at the end of this chapter.

Scenario 16-1

The company Humugos has successfully implemented iBGP in each country in which it operates, using eBGP to connect the autonomous systems. The company now wants to change the way it connects to the Internet. Currently, it has one connection into the Internet per autonomous system. Figure 16-3 provides the diagram for the network in this scenario.

Figure 16-3. Diagram for Scenario 16-1

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1.Give reasons to support Humugos's desire to have multiple connections to the Internet.
2.Using Figure 16-3, issue the configuration commands that would allow Router B to select the path to network via Router G when connecting to the Internet. Use the local-preference attribute to select the path.