Foundation Summary

The Foundation Summary provides a convenient review of many key concepts in this chapter. If you are already comfortable with the topics in this chapter, this summary might help you recall a few details. If you just read this chapter, this review should help solidify some key facts. If you are doing your final prep before the exam, the following lists and tables are a convenient way to review the day before the exam.

IP supports three transmission modes:

  • Unicast (1:1)

  • Broadcast (1:all others)

  • Multicast (1:some others)

IP multicast addresses have been reserved for particular uses, as follows:

  • IP multicast addresses range is

  • Link-local addresses are

  • Source-specific multicast is

  • GLOP uses

  • Administratively scoped addresses are

Multicast MAC addressing has the following characteristics:

  • Multicast OUI is 0100.5e.

  • 25th bit is always 0.

  • Last 23 bits are mapped from IP address.