The questions and scenarios in this book are designed to be challenging and to make sure that you know the answer. Rather than allowing you to derive the answers from clues hidden inside the questions themselves, the questions challenge your understanding and recall of the subject.

You can find the answers to these questions in Appendix A. For more practice with exam-like question formats, use the exam engine on the CD-ROM.

1.What is the function of an IGMP querier?
2.What change from IGMPv1 to IGMPv2 affects leave latency?
3.What change is found in IGMPv3 compared to IGMP version 2?
4.How do routers communicate in a mixed-version IGMP environment?
5.Describe the function of CGMP.
6.Describe the function of IGMP snooping.
7.How is querier election handled in IGMPv2?
8.What command is used to see the current IGMP membership information?
9.What capability is added in IGMPv3?
10.What command shows IGMP parameters and the current IGMP version running on an interface?