DB2 Support Resources

If you have a technical problem, you can call the IBM Customer Support if you have already purchased a support license. The following describes various DB2 resources available for technical support:

Software Defect Resolution? problems related to bugs in the DB2 software or error messages from the DB2 software that indicate calling technical support. Contact IBM Customer Support and open a PMR (Problem Monitoring Record).

Consult Line? technical guidance and assistance on how-to, implementation, installation, and configuration. Product specialists will be available offsite or onsite on a contractual consulting basis. Contact the local IBM representative for details.

Web-based online technical support for FixPaks, download, online documentation, technical notes, white papers, newsgroups, etc. For detailed information, refer to the following sites:


The DB2 World Wide Web pages provide current DB2 information about news, product descriptions, education schedules, and more.


The DB2 Product and Service Technical Library provide access to frequently asked questions, fixes, books, and up-to-date DB2 technical information.


For updated information on developing applications.


For information related to how-to, research, reference, and cookbook manuals available in PDF, HTML, and hard copy


The International Publications ordering Web site provides information on how to order books.


Log on as anonymous. In the directory /ps/products/db2, you can find demos, fixes, information, and tools relating to DB2 and many other products.

comp.databases.ibm-db2 or bit.listserv.db2-l

These most popular Internet newsgroups are available for users to discuss their experiences with DB2 products.