Opening a PMR

Getting technical support involves opening a problem ticket called PMR, which is used to store details and keep track of the progress and status of the problem. Prior to making the initial call, you need to collect the following basic information:

  • Customer ID? an IBM-assigned customer number.

  • Authorized Contact Name(s)? only registered names are authorized to open a PMR.

  • Severity Level? This is based on the level of impact to production. Level 1 means the production environment is down and would need immediate response. Level 2 means production environment is not down but would still need immediate response. Level 3 means production environment is not down and no immediate response needed.

  • Operating System Level? The operating system version, release, and maintenance level. You also need to specify the hardware configuration, such as machine type, model, etc.

  • DB2 Level? The DB2 product software version, FixPak level. Use the db2level command to get this information.

  • Problem Description? You must state a brief synopsis of the problem, describing its symptoms, error messages, and procedure that re-created the error.

Once a PMR is opened, it will be queued and assigned to a DB2 Level 2 Specialist, who will be contacting you to assess and analyze the problem. At that point, the DB2 Level 2 Specialist will be requesting detailed diagnostic and other related information.