Appendix K. DB2 Connect Implementation

Appendix K. DB2 Connect Implementation

DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition (CEE) is a connectivity server that concentrates and manages connections from multiple desktop clients and Web applications to DB2 database servers running on host or iSeries systems. IBM's DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for iSeries, DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS, and DB2 for VSE and VM databases continue to be the systems for managing most critical data for the world's largest organizations. Although these host and iSeries databases manage the data, there is a great demand to integrate this data with applications running on Windows and UNIX workstations.

DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition enables local and remote client applications to create, update, control, and manage DB2 databases and host systems using Structured Query Language (SQL), DB2 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), SQLJ (Embedded Java), or DB2 CLI (Call Level Interface).

You can use the Configuration Assistant to manage your database connections to remote servers. This is the preferred method to set up any client-server communications. With the Configuration Assistant, you can:

  • Catalog and uncatalog databases

  • Export and import client profiles that contain database and configuration information for a client

  • Test connections to local or remote databases identified

  • Bind applications to a database by selecting utilities or bind files from a list

  • Add, change, delete CLI/ODBC data sources, and configure CLI/ODBC configuration settings

  • Tune the client configuration parameters

  • Update the database server password