Conventions Used Throughout the Book

Many examples of SQL statements, DB2 commands, and operating system commands are included throughout the book. If SQL keywords are referred to in the text portion of the book, they will be written in CAPITALS. For example, the SELECT statement is used to retrieve data from a DB2 database.

DB2 commands will be shown using the same method as SQL keywords. For example, the CREATE DATABASE command allows you to define the initial location of database objects. DB2 UDB commands are issued from the Command Line Processor (CLP) utility. This utility will accept the commands in upper- and lowercase. The CLP program itself is an executable called db2.

In the UNIX operating systems, program names are case sensitive. Therefore, be careful to enter the program name using the proper case. On UNIX, db2 must be entered in lowercase.

Displayed SQL statements and commands usually appear within a shaded box.