A.5 Moving on to the Developer Exam

Those passing the programmer exam may want to go on to take the Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform exam. This exam tests the ability to put together real-world applications using Java. This book does not focus on the developer exam. The developer exam usually requires writing a working client/server application with an advanced graphical user interface. The exam comprises a programming assignment and five to ten essay questions regarding the assignment. Unlike the programmer exam, this exam will be graded by a person rather than by a program.

The objectives for the developer exam include the following topics:

  • I/O streams

  • GUI construction

  • TCP/IP networking

  • databases (JDBC)

  • documenting and justifying a design

The programming assignment can be downloaded from the Web site of Sun Educational Services by those who have passed the programmer exam.

Submitting the completed programming assignment costs $250, and the essay exam will cost another $150. More information about the developer exam can be obtained by contacting Sun.