Chapter 2. Language Fundamentals

Exam Objectives

  • Identify correctly constructed package declarations, import statements, class declarations (of all forms, including inner classes), interface declarations, method declarations (including the main method that is used to start execution of a class), variable declarations, and identifiers.

    • For defining and using packages, see Section 4.6.

    • For class declarations, see Section 4.2.

    • For nested classes, see Chapter 7.

    • For interface declarations, see Section 6.4.

    • For method declarations, see Section 4.3.

  • Identify classes that correctly implement an interface where that interface is either java.lang.Runnable or a fully specified interface in the question.

    • For interface implementation, see Section 6.4.

    • For implementation of java.lang.Runnable, see Section 9.3.

  • State the correspondence between index values in the argument array passed to a main method and command line arguments.

    • See Section 3.23.

  • Identify all Java programming language keywords. Note: There will not be any questions regarding esoteric distinctions between keywords and manifest constants.

  • State the effect of using a variable or array element of any kind, when no explicit assignment has been made to it.

    • For array elements, see Section 4.1.

  • State the range of all primitive data types, and declare literal values for String and all primitive types using all permitted formats, bases and representations.

    • See also Appendix G.

Supplementary Objectives

  • State the wrapper classes for primitive data types.